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Our personal styling service, Style Shopper, is perfect for you if you feel like nothing seems to fit or look right on you, you want to re-invent your look, or you simply want to shop with an expert.

One of NHJ Style's top personal stylists will take you on a 5 hour shopping experience like no other - tailored to your budget, body shape and lifestyle needs. Getting personal shopping advice from our team will give you a confidence boost so that you can look fantastic effortlessly every day. The service includes:

  • Pre-shop consultation to establish your needs and budget.
  • Your personal stylist will research and select a range of different clothes and accessories best suited to you and your body shape so you need not leave the changing room.
  • She will offer you expert opinions to ensure that everything you buy does make you look and feel fantastic.
  • Your personal stylist will find outfits that mix and match so you can make the most of your wardrobe.
  • She will give you style tips on what shapes, styles and colours suit you best when shopping independently.
  • Post-shop email support with your personal stylist to answer any questions you have about your new outfits.

After the Style Shopper you will end up with everything you need for the season to look fabulous and effortlessly stylish. You will also end up saving yourself time and money. No more mistake buys or trapezing round the shops trying to find something suitable!

Shopping normally takes place in central London as the variety and choice of stores is greater but we also have personal stylists who will shop with you in other cities throughout the UK.

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We accept payments via Bank Transfer or Paypal. 

Or simply call 020 3109 0388 to chat to one of our client managers about your needs.

My stylist transformed me from being very frumpy to very stylish. She has given me back an excitement for fashion and clothes and I have received so many compliments since I’ve been wearing my clothes.
— ISLA, 45


Our Wardrobe Warrior service is perfect for you if you have a wardrobe full of clothes but always wear the same outfits. Our personal stylists will declutter your wardrobe so you only keep the things you love and finding outfits to wear in the morning is actually fun!

The service takes place in the comfort of your home and lasts between three to four hours depending on the size of your wardrobe. Each Wardrobe Warrior is tailored to suit your needs.

The service includes:

  • A discussion with your personal stylist about your lifestyle needs and the style that you would like to achieve, as well as the different looks you require e.g. corporate, casual, party, formal and evening.
  • An assessment of your current wardrobe during which your personal stylist will work through your wardrobe systematically separating the clothes that suit you from the unflattering items.
  • An assessment of how best to maximise your current wardrobe where your personal stylist will show you how to put different outfits and looks together which you may not have thought of yourself.
  • Style tips on what shapes, styles and colours suit you best - advice that will last you a lifetime.
  • Identifying the gaps in your wardrobe and recommending items to enhance what you already have. She will also give you important tips on new stores or brands that would suit you best.  

The experience will leave you with a streamlined, stylish wardrobe that is easy to manage and suited to your lifestyle needs. You will also have a list of additional items that you need to buy to boost your basic wardrobe.

Decluttering your wardrobe is hugely liberating and will ensure you look and feel fantastic everyday.  

Terms and Conditions


We accept payments via Bank Transfer or Paypal. 

Or simply call 020 3109 0388 to chat to one of our client managers about your needs.

What an amazing service! I feel thoroughly cleansed! As well as clearing out the “rubbish” I have taken on board all the great style advice on how to put lots of new outfits together from what I already have in my wardrobe - priceless. Thank you.
— SALLY, 30


Our Total Revamp service is perfect for you if you wish you could go back to the beginning and start again. After all, your wardrobe should inspire you and reflect the person you are! Our expert personal stylists will leave you with a wardrobe full of clothes you love, a clear sense of what to wear for each occasion and the confidence and time to experiment once again.

The Total Revamp experience will give you a complete personal styling transformation. It's your one-stop shop for a whole new look and combines both the Wardrobe Warrior and Style Shopper experiences.

This two day personal styling extravaganza involves spending time with one of our personal stylists assessing your current wardrobe and providing useful insight as to what works for you, as well as quality time shopping for items to compliment your existing clothes or totally transform your look.

Your personal stylist will begin by...

  • Helping you to clear the dead wood from your wardrobe by determining which clothes should stay and which should be eliminated.

  • Identifying the gaps in your wardrobe which will form the foundation of your shopping list.

  • Carrying out research on all the items on your shopping list before meeting you for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Shopping with your own NHJ Style personal stylist is like nothing you've ever experienced before. Not only will it be effortless and fun, but you'll end up with all the clothes you need for the rest of the season. It's the ultimate low stress, no fuss experience.

Your personal stylist will:

  • Do all the thinking and running around for you! All you need to decide is whether you like something or not. But fear not, we aren't out to encourage you to break the bank. You set the budget and we'll stick to it.

  • Find you clothes and accessories that you can mix and match so you can make the most out of your wardrobe.

  • Give you style tips on what shapes, styles and colours suit you best - advice that will last you a lifetime!

  • Ensure you feel like a new person by the end of the experience. New Look = New You!

A Total Revamp is a life changing experience giving your own personal style a chance to flourish and giving you the self-confidence to make the most of your shape. It'll be the best investment in yourself you'll ever make.

Terms and Conditions


We accept payments via Bank Transfer or Paypal. 

Or simply call 020 3109 0388 to chat to one of our client managers about your needs.

I had never used the skills of a stylist or clothing expert in my life! I thought I had a good sense of my own style and have always been fascinated by fashion. Children and a change in career direction meant I devoted little time to actually choosing and styling my own clothes. Despite the many clothes in my wardrobe I was clinging to the same safe basics and many of my items were not seeing the light of day. I was also concealing myself under a sea of ‘beige and grey’ jumpers and skinny jeans- a typical school mum attire when not at a work meeting. Nicky helped me cull my own wardrobe entirely through my own freewill, as once I started, I realised I was drowning within the baggage of repeat purchases and cheaper disposable items alongside higher value unworn but adored pieces. Nicky helped me remove the clutter, left me with a beautifully arranged wardrobe of my coveted items and hallelujah space for new clothes from our thrilling shopping trip that was to follow! She taught me to dress for my shape, that I had a waist and legs that deserved to be styled,not hidden and with this I recovered a long lost confidence. I was a cynic but am now a convert. Above all, she has furnished me with the tools for making future styling/purchase decisions with a sense of my real style that had been lost a few years ago. That girl has returned and a fully functioning wardrobe been unveiled in the process. Thank you above and beyond to Nicky and her team. If you are considering it, I say just do it and you can’t imagine how your outlook will be refreshed.
— Louise, 45
I just wanted to say thank you so much for a fantastic couple of days. You gave me such a boost and the confidence to really dress well even though I have 5 month old twins and feel like all I do is crawl around on the floor, change nappies and do endless washing etc! I worked out that there must be at least 30 outfits once you have started to mix and match everything. I went out for dinner in London the day after and my husband thought I looked stunning and I’ve had great comments from my friends too. The Karen Millen belt was such a bargain when you think about how many things it works with and my blue coat is completely transforming and I even had a stranger ask where I got it from! Thank you so so much once again - I feel inspired, confident, stylish and yummy!
— AMANDA, 38