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The Total Revamp service is for men who want to look good all time. NHJ Style's expert personal stylists will save you time and energy by decluttering your wardrobe and then taking you out for a new season shop.

Invest in the Total Revamp experience for a complete personal styling transformation. It's your one-stop shop for a whole new look.

The Total Revamp involves one of our expert personal stylists assessing your current wardrobe and providing useful insight as to what works for you, as well as quality time shopping for the suggested items. It combines both the Wardrobe Warrior and Style Shopper experiences.

During your wardrobe session, your personal stylist will:

  • Help you to clear the dead wood from your wardrobe by determining which clothes should stay and which should be eliminated.
  • Identify the gaps in your wardrobe which will form the foundation of your shopping list.
  • Carry out research on all the items on your shopping list before meeting you for the shopping spree of a lifetime.

Shopping with your own personal stylist is like nothing you've ever experienced before. Not only will it be effortless, but you'll end up with all the clothes you need for the rest of the season. It's the ultimate low stress, no fuss experience. You will also save yourself money by avoiding mistake buys.

On your shopping session your personal stylist will:

  • Find you a selection of outfits and accessories to suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.
  • Give you honest opinions to ensure that everything you buy looks great.
  • Offer expert advice as to which colours and styles suit you best.  
  • Save you time, money and stress.  

A Total Revamp is a life changing experience; allowing your own personal style to flourish and giving you the self-confidence to embrace a fresh new look. It'll be the best investment in yourself you'll ever make.

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We accept payments via Bank Transfer or Paypal. 

Or simply call 020 3109 0388 to chat to one of our client managers about your needs.

My stylist is fantastic at what she does. She has an innate ability to understand what I am looking to achieve, together with what works on me and what doesn’t. I’d recommend the Total Revamp service to anyone. Working with her not only means you dress much better, it also saves a huge amount of time and money along the way. Never before have I signed a cheque for professional services quite so happily!
— Phil Spencer, TV Presenter: Location, Location, Location