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NHJ Style Academy Personal Styling Course: 4 days to change your life

Personal Stylist Course at NHJ Style Academy

Transform yourself, unleash your creativity, build relationships and become a personal stylist in just 4 days by training with celebrity style guru Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

Whether starting from scratch to launch a new career as a Personal Stylist, adding styling to your skill set to enhance your business or refreshing your existing fashion and styling knowledge to further your career, NHJ Style Academy Personal Stylist training gives you all the tools you need to be able to style yourself, style others and take your expertise in whichever direction you choose.

What will I learn?

Across the 4 days in-house training run by Nicky, you will be taught the theory of Personal Styling along with hands-on practice which is essential in such a creative career. Shape, fit, colour, texture and print - and putting these all together - are the corner stones of Personal Styling and Nicky will guide you through each aspect of learning while including how to incorporate trends into the mix.

Body shapes - if you understand shape, you can style anyone and everyone.

The importance of fit – the difference between looking OK and looking amazing.

Where to shop and what to buy – creating looks for different clients while taking into consideration lifestyle, budget and body shape.

Working creatively with colour –  it shouldn’t be prescriptive. Learn how to style with colour and fully embrace the full spectrum.

Conducting a successful wardrobe edit – how to work through a client’s wardrobe to detox and then rebuild with outfits which flatter and add a touch of style.

How to execute a shopping session – what to look for, where to look and how to plan your time and budget.

All of the skills you will learn are useful for yourself, friends and family even before you start with clients and if that’s the path you choose to take, you’ll be well prepared to kick-start your new business.

Personal Stylist Training Course with Nicky Hambleton-Jones

What happens after the course?

The learning doesn’t just stop after the 4 days in-house training; you will leave with all the knowledge to begin styling but building hands-on practical experience will hone your skills further.

It’s one thing being on the course in the supportive environment of fellow students and Team NHJ Style but it can be daunting to go out into the world and get those clients and put your skills into practice to make money.  We support you through that process by offering work experience opportunities with NHJ Stylists to boost your styling experience and hone your skills with the encouragement and guidance of experienced stylists.

Following work experience, we offer paid work opportunities to NHJ Style Academy trained stylists at style events. With this experience plus styling friends and family you’ll soon build up confidence in your abilities and using everything we teach you, you’ll be up and running, making money and paying off the course investment in no time.

What do our students think?

Blogger @alice_inthe_looking_glass was an aspiring Personal Stylist and joined our training course in March this year, she wrote a diary about her experience of each of the 4 days and shared it on her blog. Read Alice’s post in full over on her blog.

It was the best week of my life
— Alice
The NHJ Style Academy course has exceeded all my expectations and I just feel so inspired and excited about the future!
— Gina
The NHJ Style Academy is an incredible experience… There is a lot of course content but the style of Nicky’s teaching is such that you take it on board whilst enjoying yourself. I can not recommend the course enough if you want a career in styling.
— Julia
The course was very valuable as a grounding in styling. It gave me all of the essential tools to prepare for supporting clients in wardrobe consultations and personal styling. The course gave practical hints on how to use colour, style body shapes and support clients through the process
— Chantelle
Personal Stylists in action on NHJ Style Academy 4 day style course

Style Yourself, Style Your Life

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Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st September 2018, 10am - 6pm

Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th March 2019, 10am - 6pm

Cost: £1,650.

Spaces are limited so book now to avoid disappointment. Full payment is required to secure your place.

Call 020 3109 0388 or email us.

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