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5 Rules of Sale Shopping

Follow our top tips for shopping the sales to save time and money and avoid those regrettable impulse purchases that get left at the back of the wardrobe....

1. Work out what you already have

Before you leave the house, take some time to give your wardrobe a quick tidy and edit to determine where the gaps are. Make sure everything is neatly on hangers grouped by type: shirts together, evening tops, knitwear, dresses etc. If you're faced with 10 almost identical pairs of black trousers, it's a strong sign that you really don't need another pair, even if they are in the sale. Remember, it's only a bargain if you actually need it.

2. Make a list... and stick to it

Note down any obvious gaps in your wardrobe following the edit; perhaps you're lacking colour or need to replace some of those key items you wear and wear which are looking a little tired. Perhaps you have a key piece that fits, is current and you love it but you never wear it because you've nothing to go with it; think what would you need to complete the look and jot it down on your wish list. Be sure to stick to the list when you're shopping!

3. Be prepared

With the rails filled with sale stock and the elbows out to get those stylish gems in your size first, be prepared and plan where to shop. If you can, avoid the busy periods in store when the rails will be at their untidiest and shops looking like a jumble sale as you will spend all your time rummaging and not buying!

Check your favourite brands online to get an idea for what's on sale and where, so you can plan which stores to visit before heading out. Don't get your heart too set on specific items you've seen online as it may well be sold out but have a quick click around for a rough idea of the lines on sale and which shops are worth a visit.

It may feel like you're preparing for a military operation but trust us, it's worth it for a cool, calm shopping trip resulting in great purchases and not a panic-bought item in sight.

4. Try it on

Changing rooms are not the most comfortable of spaces, especially in summer, but as we're less likely to return a sale item (because it is less of an investment and often subject to stricter refund policies). It's worth gritting your teeth and trying things on in store to make the right purchase.

5. Trust a stylist

The easiest way to make the most of the sales? Book a Personal Stylist. Your stylist will know what's on sale and where to shop for key items to suit your shape, lifestyle and budget and fill those gaps in your wardrobe without letting you get stuck in a style rut. Unlike in-store Personal Shoppers, an independent Personal Stylist will guide you to different stores to build outfits with a variety of brands.

And if that wasn't a good enough reason to book a stylist, they know the most spacious fitting rooms and do all the running for you while you relax and enjoy the shop!