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NHJ Style Academy Graduate Wins Personal Stylist Award


We are thrilled and so very proud of NHJ Style Academy graduate Anélle Coetzee who has been voted Best Personal Stylist in Paris 208 by Expatriates Magazine. It was one of the Paris Best closest categories.

It’s a huge achievement and testament to all the hard work she’s put into her business and of course the fabulous coaching and mentoring she received from the NHJ Style Academy team!

Thank you for this amazing journey. Without your support and training it would not have been possible. 
— Anélle Coetzee, 46

Anélle completed our Personal Styling Correspondence Course from Paris where she lives, which shows you don’t need to live in London on the UK to be trained by the best! She graduated from the NHJ Style Academy in April 2015 and set up her own personal stylist business, Anélle Coetzee Personal Stylist in Paris. She is passionate about helping women look and feel amazing.

Since I was a little girl I really loved fashion and all things beautiful. I started making my own clothing at age 8 and asking for “real” jewellery from my 12th birthday - I still have that first silver charm bracelet today.

A few years ago I decided to retrain as a personal stylist (a job that did not even exist when I left school!). And I still love every moment of it! 

In my decision making process I interviewed 3 very different style institutes to help me decide which fitted my personality and style concepts. From that very first call with the NHJ Style team I knew this was the course for me. 

I really enjoyed the fact that with distance learning and skype support you get the best of both worlds. 

The course intensity of the course material and total support made it ideal for an expat mum wanting to retrain. I could use my time and put in as much effort as possible to get the most from this.

My regular skype calls was a highlight that I looked forward to. Because I decided to really go full out I took just under a year to complete the course - a module per month. Why did this suit me, well living in Paris and having the time, I could really delve into each module and engage with my personal moderator so by the time I completed the course, not only did I truly feel confident in my knowledge, but I had already styled 6 individuals for the course work (giving me referrals) as well as had my website and business plan all set-up (final module). I was ready to fly!

Helping women, meeting interesting people, following fashion, living in Paris, is a dream come true. A very good friend once told me that if you are lucky enough, you get to retrain after 40 years for the career you are passionate about, whereas when you are young, you tend to think of money and career advancement only!

Knowing oneself and becoming the woman you are within, is a huge part of why I became a stylist. To truly understand how to look and feel good, what you represent to the world should reflect who you are on the in- and the outside. I want to teach woman to feel confident and wow and give them the permission to enjoy being a woman and to have some fun along the way!
— Anelle, 46

Congratulations Anélle we are all very proud of you and what you’ve achieved.