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Here are testimonials and reviews from some of our past students who have completed our fashion styling courses at the NHJ Style Academy.  

Flagship Personal Stylist In-House Course Testimonials and Reviews: 

"Completing and being part of the NHJ Style Academy has given me the confidence and tools to become a successful stylist. The knowledge and the level of practical and hands on experience I have gained, not to mention the friends made, best business decision I have made." Emma, 39, Lawyer

"This is an amazing course. Undoubtedly it is intensive and can be exhausting but it is worth it! You learn so much in one week and you end the week brimming with confidence, enthusiasm and very motivated. Working with NHJ Style is a great experience - they have a wealth of knowledge. The course is structured to build your confidence as the week goes on with practical skills. Highly recommended." Kay, 51, Regional Manager/Stylist!

"This was a comprehensive, well-run, fantastic course which offers an insight into personal styling that prepares you to launch a styling career. The practical experience is what sets this course apart from its competitors and trains the eye to view styling from a fresh perspective. I look forward to implementing my new skills with confidence." Leanne, 43, Mother/Physiotherapist

"I am so pleased that I booked to train with NHJ Style Academy. They were so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do which gave me confidence knowing I was getting the best start to my personal styling business. The daily feedback was constructive ensuring I was constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I really enjoyed the week and have come away with a new set of supportive friends." Georgie, 37, Sales Manager

"I have just completed the NHJ Style Academy flagship course. It was a wonderful action packed and quite intense week and I have come away enthused and equipped to start an exciting career as a Personal Stylist. Our trainer was highly professional and we covered all aspects of personal styling. I am also looking forward to the work experience which will help me take my business forward with confidence." Jackie, 55

"The course was very well put together and the tutor has amazing knowledge about all you need to know about personal styling. It was a very busy week with a lot of assignments and homework which is great practical experience. I feel more confident in what I want to do and I'm very happy to be part of the NHJ Style Network. Thank you." Annelie, 34, Stay at home mum

"A fantastic week of what should now lead to a new fantastic journey!" Linda, 52, Exercise Instructor/Business Manager

"I have found the NHJ Style styling course at the Academy very enlightening and eye opening into the world of styling. It has been a personal journey of discovery about myself, my opinions and the huge importance of styling and the affect it has on the individual. It has been a very rewarding experience and I have made some new wonderful friends from all over the country and world. A real change of life experience." Claire, 44, Mother

"Being on such an intensive course was one of the most joyful experiences that I have had. Very informative, useful and it will encourage me to go on with my career." Maha, 37, fashion

"The personal styling course is very enjoyable. It's very hands-on and you do gain a lot of knowledge and experience. You go out on tasks in London to assess what you have learnt through the day. You get great feedback each day. It can be critical but it's good because you are here to learn. I would recommend the course, you learn a lot and it sets you up well to start your career in fashion." Sophie, 21, student

"I have the found the NHJ Styling course immensely challenging. It has been a real "eye opener" into an area of the fashion business that I was not familiar with. The expert training was inspirational - her drive, enthusiasm and energy has been totally motivating - I now not only want to be successful for myself but also for the wonderful hardworking team." Amanda, 56, PA

"Very enjoyable and busy week. I've learned so much and will be using the knowledge in all areas of my life. The best money I've spent in years." Anna, 46, Psychologist (from Brazil)

"The course was brilliant and very professional. We were thrown in at the deep end but given plenty of invaluable advice along the way. I have learnt a huge amount about the art of styling and what a creative process styling is. I cannot get ready in the morning now without hearing "that's not styling, it's just getting dressed!" in my head." Clare, 37 

"This is the best money spent ever! Loved the course, they give you as much information as possible! Very enjoyable and also very busy week. I can't believe it has come to an end - wish it hadn't!" Vaiva, 35, Mum and Make-up Artist

"Thank you for a stunning week. It was so informative and well presented. Thank you - you were great. It was so worth travelling from South Africa for this course!" Sandra, 51 (from South Africa)

"It has been such an informative, professional and fun course learning so much that I look forward to going home and putting knowledge into practice. Being on the larger side I was concerned this would all be aimed at size 8s but in fact we have been taught that you, as a stylist, are dealing with what's in front of you hence learning "fruit salads"!! If you do the course you'll understand!" Zoe, 46, Director

"Inspiring and challenging in equal measure. A good balance of theory and practice and insight into personal styling. I would definitely recommend the course to those who are serious about a career in personal styling. Great support from the tutors and peer support from other course participants." Julie, 55, Retired from NHS

"This has confirmed for me that this absolutely what I want to do with my career. I've learnt so much about the industry and what it takes to become a successful personal stylist. I have had the gaps in my knowledge filled and I cannot wait to get home to begin making my dream job a reality." Christina, 33, Housewife (from Singapore)

"This course is truly inspiring and should be on every woman's wish list! It is something I have wanted to do for a long time and whilst it is very intense and thought provoking, it gets you thinking outside the box, and being creative. The tutor l is an amazing mentor and her experience, understanding and feedback is invaluable. The course has given me a much needed boost to get out there and get started on my own. Thank you, and to the past students we met during the course for all your advice and support. It's been an amazing journey." Jane, 46, Mother

"This course has been absolutely amazing. Probably one of the best things I have done. After deciding that I did not want to continue with my law degree I was looking for not only a way into fashion but the confidence to pursue a career very different to what I was used to. This course has given me the skills and confidence to go out there and do it! The tutor is fantastic, her advice is truly invaluable. I don't think I will ever be able to wear a jogging bottom again! My eyes have been opened! Thank you NHJ Style." Rebecca, 23, Self employed/Sales

"One of the best investments I have made to date. Totally surpassed my expectations. The course is very demanding and intense and extremely informative and a lot of fun. The NHJ Style team are extremely warm, welcoming and hugely professional. Their knowledge on all aspects of fashion, industry and styling are incredibly impressive! This week the course has taken my knowledge and expertise to a whole new level. Amazing week. Thank you so much." Debra, 44, Personal Stylist  

"If I could back on the course again next week I would! I have had the course in my diary for nearly a year and I had been counting the days... my expectations were high and they were totally met! The tutor's teaching methods, passion and knowledge is infectious and without sounding like a total cliché I really have found this to be life changing and I want to keep the momentum and energy up to fulfil my ambition to be a personal stylist...this course has definitely provided me with the confidence and tools." Emma, 40, Mother  

"I really enjoyed this course. It was very intense and a lot of personal involvement. It helps to liberate your creativity into the fashion. It gives you the right idea about what the job is about. By the end of the week you are tired but excited for what's coming next. The trainer and all the NHJ Style team are brilliant." Malory, 32, Make-up Artist

"The course has given me brilliant insight into the fashion industry and the role of the stylist. Lots and lots to learn. Don't look any further, just book this course!" Kate, 44, Teacher

"Really enjoyed the course. It has given me confidence to build on my own style and things to look out for. The work experience option is definitely a plus. The amazing part of the course is you learn how to create a versatile wardrobe with any brand and any budget." Shamanth, 33, Former Banking Professional

"Having been full immersed in training to be a personal stylist by NHJ Style Academy all week, I can honestly say that it has been an amazing and cohesive experience which has not only provided me with the skills to start out on my new dream career but also inspired and re-energised me at both a personal and professional level." Jane, 41, Mother

"I really enjoyed the course and felt that it pushed and challenged me at all times. It has given me great tools to work with and which I think will be hugely beneficial to my business in the future. It was also fun and the tutor was terrific at sharing her immense knowledge." Joanne, 37, Journalist

"I attended the stylist course to obtain a broad knowledge on personal styling to compliment my jewellery business. NHJ Style conducted a very professional and valuable training. I very much liked the combination of teaching and practical skills that we covered. The balance and dynamic of the group worked very well together and made it an unforgettable, worthwhile experience. I am very much looking forward to pursuing my career and hopefully will return for other courses in the future." Cornelia, 44, Mother & Independent Jewellery Stylist

"The NHJ Style Academy personal styling course is a must for any aspiring stylist. A whole week packed with everything you need to get started in your dream career or expand your existing knowledge. It's intense but great fun and you come away with the styling skills and business tips that every personal stylist should possess." Helen, 28, Freelance Marketing Manager & Blogger

"This course has been one of my favourite experiences this year. I'm so happy that I took this course. It increased my knowledge and opened my eyes to a whole different view, and definitely changed my life as a girl who wishes to become a great stylist in the future! Thank you NHJ Style Academy for this life changing experience." Rawan, 28, Banker (from Kuwait)

"Attending the intensive NHJ Style Academy flagship personal stylist course was the best investment I could possibly have made to support my carefully considered career change. The course is run by tutors who really are talented, inspiring, perceptive, professional at the top of their game. They introduce you to the world of fashion and style in a creative but structured environment designed to give you all the tools you need to become a first-class personal stylist. The course is intensive and your feet do not touch the ground so be prepared to commit (and enjoy!). After the course, the support I received afterwards was incredible; they really do care and are passionate about supporting you to achieve your developmental and business goals. I cannot recommend this whole experience highly enough - it really has been life-changing for me!" Jenny, 50

"My week at NHJ Style Academy was fantastic, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. I especially enjoyed the daily tasks and enjoyed the buzz of all the shopping that went with it! It was tiring but very rewarding and tutor was excellent, sharing all her insider tips on what it takes to be a great personal stylist. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into the styling business." Aly, 38

"I found the NHJ Style Academy personal stylist in-house course to be both exciting and challenging! I felt the styling course content was very appropriate, it covered everything I really needed to develop skills in personal styling. The tutors were excellent and it was amazing to learn from people with such a wealth of experience in the fashion industry. The course is very challenging and demanding, which is brilliant as it really gives you an insight into what being a personal stylist would be like. It also helped me grow in confidence, pushing me further than I thought I could ever go! I would highly recommend the NHJ Style Academy and thoroughly enjoyed my time on the course." Annabel, 31

"Having completed the personal stylist in-house course in June I still feel I am learning from it. As somebody who thought she knew how to dress I have realized there is always room for improvement!! The course really does take you out of your comfort zone on so many levels, but that is the only way to learn because there is so much more to being a personal stylist than you think. Respect also to Nicky for coming in to chat to us and critique our work. I really enjoyed the Friday afternoon of marketing and a glass of wine to finish off! The two days work experience with  have been really interesting and educational and the feedback from it was both positive and constructive. All in all a great launchpad to starting a new career as a Personal Stylist!" Carole 48

"I do not have enough good words to say about the NHJ Style Academy stylist training course! Having decided to leave my career in PR to give styling a go, I did a lot of research into the different stylist training courses out there to ensure I was going to learn as much as I could and none of them sounded as interesting and worthwhile as this one did. Firstly, they offer two days work experience for every student as part of the course which is very unique and gives you a true insight into the life of a personal stylist. Secondly, you are being taught and guided by a team of true experts, each of them having worked in the fashion industry for many years and in different capacities so they have knowledge of everything. I absolutely loved my week there - I learnt an incredible amount, especially in areas that I didn't think I would and I left with such an amazing bank of fashion tips, brand knowledge and practical experience - you will not find a better course out there. They literally go through every stage that there is to becoming a personal stylist so you feel 100% confident when you leave and they encourage you to ask as many questions as possible so you don't feel intimidated by any styling situations. My two favourite tasks involved dressing a different body shape to your own, so you become used to recognising styles for different shapes (a harder task at first than you think) and the shopping task which ends with a critique from Nicky Hambleton-Jones herself - very exciting and words of wisdom I will never forget. Not forgetting the work experience days - being out and about with a top stylist and her clients puts you in the spotlight (in a good way) and you learn where your skills lie and what you enjoy - it was the best! I was lucky enough to win the 2 month internship after the course and although the week is amazing in itself, it is definitely worth putting your absolute all into all of the tasks to win the placement - it is the best experience ever. I am so excited for my future as a personal stylist - thank you to all the team at NHJ Style!" Katie, 26

"I attended the Personal Styling course for women in June 2012. I had a fantastic week at the course. I already had a good feeling before the start of the course since the communication in advance with the NHJ Style team was very satisfying and helpful, even for accommodation questions. From day 1 the combination of theoretical and practical parts were great and helped a lot to get a better understanding of styling. But also to show that styling is not as easy as you imagine it before. I also really enjoyed the fact that it was a small group which made it all the more personal. It was a very intense, interesting and enjoyable week with a cosy good bye with a glass of wine. On Saturday I did some work experience assisting at a wardrobe consultation with a client which was great since it gave me insight into a real wardrobe session." Anne, 30 (from Denmark)

"I went on the NHJ Style Academy personal styling course at the end of January 2012. I had such a good time and met some really nice people with the common interest of fashion and clothes. The tutors who ran the course were all brilliant. They have a huge amount of experience in fashion and they shared their experiences and knowledge with us on the course. I think this course differ from others because it has the right balance between ‘class work' and practical work. They also make it fun, interesting, relevant and current. The day we had to go out and style each other was fantastic. You soon realise that dressing somebody else is totally different to buying clothes for yourself! We had a great day. I was lucky to get the 2 months internship. It was fantastic work experience to go out with a stylist and see how you do a wardrobe consultation, personal styling and style presentations. I am really pleased that I choose the NHJ Style Academy and I would strongly recommend it to anybody who is thinking of becoming a personal stylist. I felt confident enough to start working as a personal stylist after the course and the team at NHJ Style is only an email away if I have any questions." Charlotte, 39

"I completed the NHJ Style Academy Womenswear Personal Styling Course and have to say it really was an amazing experience. The best part for me was that all "lessons" were followed by practical tasks, which got us out and about in the shops learning from experience. To me that was invaluable. The course covered many aspects of styling from body shapes, trend spotting, wardrobe consultations and knowing your client which in one week, along with the practical tasks, was exhausting. However, by the end of the week I honestly felt like I could start all over again, I was so excited and motivated by what I had learnt. The team have extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and we were shown the benefits of both designer and high street fashion. More importantly, the team gave so much advice and support my confidence has rocketed and I came away knowing that I can do this." Trina, 38, Finance

"I completed the women's styling course in March this year and can honestly say it has changed my life. My personal circumstances meant that I had lost confidence and my usual joie de vivre. Attending the course was definitely the turning point for me. The content of the course and standard of training were exceptional and I felt my confidence grow throughout the week. Plus, since the course the NHJ Style team has continued to be a fantastic source of support and advice. Everything has changed for the better. I have always wanted to work in personal styling and am now living my dream. I am starting the menswear styling course tomorrow - can't wait!" Penny, 46, GP now Personal Stylist

"Wow, what an amazing week this was, it totally outweighed my expectations. The knowledge from the expert team, the practical tasks and the invaluable work experience have enabled me to launch my new career. I really do feel like a stylist now. I was ecstatic to be awarded the internship and have totally embraced every moment. Thank you so much." Anna, 36, Personal Stylist

"When I enrolled on the NHJ Style Academy earlier this year, I felt confident knowing that Nicky Hambleton-Jones was behind it - I had watched 10 Years Younger on Channel 4 and really wanted to start a new career as a personal stylist after many years at home with children. It is only now, a few months down the line, and with my first clients rolling in, that I can appreciate just how much I learned in that one intensive week.

Like many people, I thought that dressing well myself meant that I could successfully style other people. The first thing I learned is that styling is so much more than putting on a couple of fashionable pieces. The team talked to us in great detail about body shapes, accessorising, the fashion industry and setting up your own business. For me the real revelation was their approach to colour. The NHJ Style Team love colour and use it so skillfully - I have really enjoyed unlearning everything I thought I knew about colour and now see black and grey as just one small part of anyone's wardrobe.

The tutor also opened my eyes to the high street, and showed us that every brand has its strengths. Having previously limited myself to high-end designer labels, I can now put together many different looks from all sectors of the market - an invaluable skill when working with clients on different budgets. Two days' work experience is offered to all students after the course, and I found it incredibly interesting to see a stylist working with real clients. The NHJ Style Team are all hardworking personal stylists and know the market inside out, and I felt very privileged to see them in action. They also encourage you to assist them on every level, and I was able to gain experience interracting with clients, as well as finding pieces for them myself.

The NHJ Style Academy has helped me turn a dream into a reality, and the positive feedback I've had from clients shows just how far I've come. The course was challenging, exhausting and exciting, and you learn more in a week than seems humanly possible. You also make friends who can support you as you take your first steps, and the team remain very much a resource for as long as you need them. All in all, a fantastic course, worth every penny. I'm so glad I chose the NHJ Style Academy - for me it has been a passport to an exciting new career doing what I love." Claire, 46, Personal Stylist

"Who would have thought that a style course could be such an emotional rollercoaster! An incredibly intense course that takes you way out of your comfort zone and challenges you to the limit but well worth the effort. I learned such a lot in the course of a week and met some fabulous ladies at the same time. Deciding to attend the Personal Stylist Course was the best decision I have made in a long time and it has given me the drive and determination to see my dream become a reality." Cathryn, 38, Mum

"When I decided to start up my own personal styling business, I knew that the NHJ Style Academy was the obvious choice for me. I had read about it online months earlier and also having heard Nicky speak a few years ago, she was someone I immediately admired and respected. I knew I would be in good hands and I was right! Attending the NHJ Style Academy is by far one of the best things I could ever have done for myself. While the course is tough going and you are often thrown in the deep end, I cannot think of a better way to have learnt all that I did. The course tutors are amazing and so inspiring with an incredible wealth of knowledge to share. These ladies challenge you in so many ways and you quickly realise that to be a successful stylist means a whole lot more than knowing how to make yourself look good. There are so many elements to being a great stylist which most of us had never even thought of and I really felt like I couldn't learn enough! 

What I especially loved about the course was how much hands-on experience we had. Whilst some time was spent in a "classroom" environment you never felt like you were sitting in a lecture. Every topic and discussion was interesting and everyday we were presented with various practical tasks which meant we got to put our new found knowledge to the test- literally! Even after the week is over, you have the opportunity to go out on a styling day with one of the stylists and a client. You also get to do a wardrobe consultation with them and a client. This is a fantastic way to see the job being done for real. Aside from all the obvious benefits of this great course, I was also fortunate enough to come away with one or two awesome new friends who share an interest and are really supportive. Probably the biggest highlight of my personal experience was being lucky enough to be offered the two month internship at NHJ Style Consultancy once the course was over. It has been truly phenomenal and I have loved every minute of it. However even if I had not had this bonus, I would still have come away from this course knowing that there is no where else I would rather have gone. Absolutely worth it in every way!" Bianca, 32, Personal Stylist

"Taking this course is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. For a long time I searched and searched for a fashion forward personal styling course until I came across the NHJ Style Academy. I have watched 10 years younger by Nicky Hambleton-Jones religiously, was so inspired by the programme, for that reason I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did just that. This was definitely a life changing experience. I have learnt so much in just 5 days, from styling, wardrobe consultations, people skills, to starting and running a personal styling business. I enjoyed it so much I immediately found the confidence to start my own styling business and will be applying for the Mens Styling course in November.  The team, I salute u! Your knowledge of the fashion industry is bang up-to-date and I thank you for all you have done. I will and already have recommended those wanting to go into personal styling to take this course." Lisa, 36, Personal Stylist

"I'm so glad I picked this course out of all the others I came across on the internet. Not just because it has the cachet of Nicky Hambleton-Jones herself, but because I really felt like I was learning from the best in the business throughout the entire week. And what a week - the most intense learning experience and exhausting five days of my life, but one that left me thirsty to know more. From learning fashion and styling theory and fantastic insider tips to invaluable practical sessions, nothing was left uncovered. I filled up so many notebooks with all the relevant information I learned, and the practical side of the course was really good for my confidence. One of the best things about the week was that the team is always honest with you, and you get critiqued all the way through, which toughens you up and makes you learn far more than being spoonfed soundbites without a chance to show if you've really taken anything in. And I got to learn with a great group of girls who I'm still in contact with. This is not for the faint of heart, it's a full-on week where you'll really learn, and if you're serious about becoming a personal stylist, I can't imagine a better course to prepare you for it. I've been left boosted by my existing skills; in no doubt where I need to improve; in awe of my new bra size; full of exciting ways to start my own business and exhilarated about throwing myself into an exciting world that is all about making people feel fabulous about themselves. I even turned down an existing job offer so I could accept the 2 month internship and continue training to become a stylist! A very positive, worthwhile experience all round." Lucy, 30, Freelance Personal Stylist

"I have worked in finance since I was 19 and have always loved fashion. I was always helping friends and family choose clothes and helped people dress well for the shape they are. I wanted to do a course that would help me develop in fashion and I wanted to be a personal stylist.  I looked at many courses and came across NHJ Style Academy as I have been inspired by Nicky Hambleton-Jones ever since the 10 Years Younger programme started so I decided to go for it. I learnt so much and met great people who I am still in touch with and I couldn't have picked a better course.The team were great and I would recommend NHJ Style Academy course." Sandeep, 30, Finance Manager

"NHJ Style Academy exceeded my expectations. The experience, knowledge and professionalism of the team made sure we were all taken through a steep learning curve. By the end we felt ready to launch into the industry, I also learnt a lot about my own personal style too. I recommend it to everyone wanting to embark on a styling career!" Michelle, 35, Chartered Engineer

"I looked into many personal styling courses before I decided to book the NHJ Style Academy and I am so relieved that it's the one I finally chose! I honestly cannot recommend any better fashion styling courses for anyone wishing to pursue personal styling as a profession. It was an exhausting, but exhilarating week of learning and both the theory and tasks throughout have given me invaluable style knowledge. The team teach brilliantly, giving you a true inside perspective of the fashion and styling industry, and at the end of the week I felt truly equipped with tips and techniques.

You get to learn the ins and outs of the business, and I feel happy and safe in the knowledge that I've learnt from the best in the styling business. I didn't want the week to end but the fashion styling course makes you eager to continue learning, and confident to put what you've learnt into practice. You are taught theory and practical sessions in a fun, friendly, accessible manner, and even though the week feels like you've stepped into ‘The Devil Wears Prada' you are definitely not made to feel intimated one bit.

I feel privileged to have been taught by NHJ Style, who are inspiring and cover all aspects of running a personal styling business, equipping you with all the knowledge you need to work in this profession. From the infamous bra fitting (which is a revelation in itself!) to the presentations and shopping tasks, you will be challenged throughout the learning process and encouraged to experiment and voice your opinions. The course has made me excited and confident to pursue my own career in personal styling and now I can't wait to take the men's styling course to help complete my skills." Tara, 22, Personal Stylist

"Being a jewellery designer and always interested in fashion, I decided to explore other opportunities and I signed up for the NHJ Style Academy Personal Stylist Course. The course itself was extremely intense and hard work but at the same time practical and fun. It included a lot of team work, self motivation and creativity. I would recommend this course to anyone who would just like to improve their own personal style or who is serious about a career in personal styling. Our group was fantastic and the support you get just from that, is a lifetime investment." Nikki, 35, Jewellery Designer in Cyprus

"I was looking for a cutting edge, fashion forward crash course in being a personal stylist - and that is exactly what I got! I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone considering undertaking a career in the world of style. The trainer is an inspiration and has a treasure trove of knowledge of the fashion industry. I have left the week feeling excited and inspired to begin my new career. My advice would be to forget the rest of the "image consultant" courses you may have been researching.....if you are looking to build a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise with an aim to becoming a true "stylist", then NHJ Style Academy is your next step." Georgina, 31, Personal Stylist 

"As I sit down and begin to write a testimonial about the NHJ Style Academy Stylist Training, I realise that I am getting increasingly frustrated. This is because I genuinely feel that the written word simply cannot do justice when using it to explain just how utterly fantastic the personal styling course was! Having searched for some time to find personal fashion styling courses that suited me, I chose the NHJ Style Academy and I can truly say that this was the best decision I have ever made! This course not only changed me, it has also changed my life!

The fashion stylist course was an exciting mixture of theoretical work in luxurious surroundings, and practical work out and about exploring the wonderful shops London has to offer. Each day was increasingly more exciting as we learnt more and more about ourselves, about our fellow students and about the industry and what it involves. Not only do they stylists have a wealth of knowledge they are also friendly, approachable, willing to help and have a genuine interest in each individual student. Their encouraging words gave me confidence which I was lacking before the course began. I found all the stylists that spoke to us truly inspirational and they made me feel motivated to pursue a career in styling. I learnt that styling is not just about clothes; it is also about understanding and connecting with people. I also learnt about the importance of a coveted and essential tool used in the trade... the belt!

No matter what your age or how much experience you have or have not got, the stylists never doubt anyone's potential and throughout the course ensure that we all realised that we can do it! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for fashion and a genuine determination to succeed. This stylist training course is inspirational, motivational, extremely valuable and a true privilege to be a part of!" Anna, 22, was unemployed, now Personal Stylist!

"With a recent redundancy and a mortgage to pay, I had a lot riding on the NHJ Style Academy course to prepare me for a new career path with long term prospects. My expectations were definitely met, and I am now confident about my future as a personal stylist. The course content was a fab mixture of theory and practical, delivered at a fast pace in a great venue in the heart of London. The course tutor and her colleagues have a wealth of knowledge and experience between them and I enjoyed hearing their personal anecdotes throughout the week, adding real insight into the industry. 

If you are keen, motivated and have a genuine passion for fashion and styling, you won't be disappointed. In my opinion, it's the best course out there, teaching up to date techniques by an inspiring team of professional stylists." Angie, 33, Personal Stylist

"After searching high and low for a personal styling course in Sydney, to no avail, I finally found the NHJ Style Academy ... only problem was it was in London!  After reviewing the course material and content I decided it was worth travelling half way around the world to attend.

Thankfully I was not disappointed as the NHJ Style Academy course was fantastic!  The content covered exactly what I was looking for in assisting me to start up my own personal styling business. The 5 day course was a perfect mix of theory and practical work including a day of shopping and lots of interesting sessions with very inspiring personal stylists. 

I highly recommend this to anyone who is passionate about perusing a career as a personal stylist - it really hits the mark. It has given me the motivation and confidence to take my styling career to the next level." Libby, 35, Executive Assistant and (now!) Personal Stylist (Australia)

"The NHJ Style Academy has literally changed my life. Long gone are the days where I had to drag myself out of bed in the morning, and the thought of a long day at work gave me nightmares. I have an unquenchable enthusiam for my new career that I never had before, and have embraced it fully, all thanks to the Style Academy.

The reason I was attracted to this stylist training course was that it struck a perfect balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of styling. Every lesson in the Style Academy was followed by a practical exercise and feedback session, which was really useful in understanding what your weaknesses were and how to improve your styling techniques. On top of that, not only are students given tips of the trade and career advice, but they have the opportunity to gain work experience with the NHJ Style personal stylists and their clients. This is an invaluable part of the training, as it puts into practice all the aspects of styling studied over the week.

I could not have had a better introduction into personal styling. The NHJ Style Academy has encouraged and nurtured my confidence and ability as a stylist, and provided a solid foundation from which I could launch my own career." Claire, 25, Hair Stylist & Personal Stylist

"I would highly recommend this fashion styling course for anyone wishing to set up a personal styling company. The NHJ Style Academy is excellent, the team are very knowledgable, and the training is bang up to date. It has helped me develop and refine my personal style and equipped me with the tools to incorporate style and image into my coaching and leadership company. Thank you for re-kindling my love of fashion and colour!" Annette, 55, Managing Director of Coaching and Leadership Development Company 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course it was challenging and taught me a lot. The team were excellent and really know their stuff so it was really beneficial to learn from such an experienced group.  The structure, content and delivery of the course is intense but excellent and really suited my needs to develop as a personal stylist and develop my own business which I am in the process of doing. Would definitely recommend it to aspiring stylists." Elaine, 25

"The course was extremely informative and I learnt so much in a short time. It really encouraged me to be creative and work with lots of different colours." Nikola, 35, Personal Stylist

"The Style Academy has given me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a personal stylist. This hands-on course offers exceptional teaching, support and encouragement from the stylist team and I highly recommend this academy to anyone who is serious about being a stylist." Rachel, 26, Personal Stylist

"Definitely not for the faint-hearted! This is an intensive course where hard work and stamina are required to get the best out of the week. In addition to the comprehensive styling 'theory' delivered by extremely knowledgeable tutors, the course also included lots of practical sessions and was jam packed with tips and techniques from experienced personal stylists. The work experience days provided the opportunity for some 'hands-on' practice with real clients, which I found invaluable and also extremely enjoyable! " Bev, 47, Corporate Finance Manager

"The course suited me perfectly and came at the right time in my life. It gave me the confidence to go out and find my clients." Michelle, 40, Personal Stylist/Housewife/Mother

"The course is a well thought out mix of theory and practical which gives a great foundation. It builds confidence in styling as it increases industry knowledge. Great!" Sue, 52, Life Coach and Stylist

"Wow! What an amazing course! If you want to learn what it is to be a personal stylist, this is 'the' only course for you! The trainer was soooooo knowledgeable - she was an encyclopaedia of fashion and really helped me take style to another level and explore my creativity. This course is a must-have for any stylists!" Katie, 32, Make-up Artist

You are also very welcome to talk to past students about their experience of our fashion styling courses. Stay up to date on course dates and more on the NHJ Style Academy on the NHJ Style Facebook Page

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Client Testimonials

I found out that the clothes I was always buying did not create a good image for my shape or age. If only I had invested in a personal stylist years ago!

It really was time to get my wardrobe into shape. My personal stylist knew what worked on me and what didn't. The advice was invaluable and now I have an outfit for every occasion!

The whole experience has changed my perspective about me and my life and my clothes. I feel so much more confident and I can't thank you enough.

She knew exactly what would suit me. I tried on outfits I would never have thought of. It was fantastic to go shopping with a true expert.

Every time I go out I feel brilliant and it's so easy to dress now. I have had so many compliments which has really boosted my self-esteem.

I now know what to wear and when which is so helpful having just had a baby. My body shape has changed but I now know I can still look good. My husband is very happy too!

She's done things to my eyes that remind me of pictures taken 25 years ago!!! I would recommend the make-up masterclass to anyone. The advice is truly fantastic.

Every experience was over and above my expectations and something I will cherish for a very long time. I can't thank the whole team enough - my personal stylist, my make-up artist and my hair stylist were fantastic, and the organisation of the services were flawless.

It's the little changes that make all the difference, and you've raised her self-appreciation and confidence, great work. It's the best Christmas present I have ever bought my wife.

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