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Spring Summer 17 Trends: Key Updaters

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Spring Summer 17 Trends: Key Updaters

There's a lot going on for Spring Summer 2017 in terms of trends and that can be overwhelming so to simplify things I've picked out some key items that will give your wardrobe an instant update.


Starting off with the T-shirt. Why not go for a simple t-shirt in a pop of fuchsia pink. That will bring your wardrobe bang up to date and is probably a colour you don't currently have in your wardrobe.


In terms of a white shirt update, a white shirt being a key piece in everyone's wardrobe. Go for one with a statement sleeve. So here we've got one with a bell sleeve at the bottom of this white shirt which gives it that instant fashion fix and that update for spring summer 2017 so a nice way to keep a classic look but give it a little bit of a fashion update.


There's a lot going on in terms of tops. Statement sleeves are everywhere so go for an off the shoulder, or cold shoulder, blouse with the big over exaggerated statement sleeve. And stripes are also very current for spring summer. Pinstripes like this blouse - you've got a lovely blue and white pin stripe running through it vertically.

Or something like I'm wearing which is a big bold stripe mixing up widths of stripes and stripes running in all directions so if you're looking for a top update I would go for something with a stripe or something with a big statement sleeve for spring summer 2017.


In terms of knitwear why not go for the other huge colourway for spring summer 2017 - bright pop of sunshine yellow. Yellow is a huge colour all over the high street and knitwear is a great way to introduce this colour into your wardrobe. You can layer it over a white shirt or wear it on its own with a pair of blue or white jeans to keep it really fresh for spring summer 2017.


In terms of skirts there's a lot of pleated skirts still around. To give it an update either go for something with stripe detailing - here we've got this almost watercolour painted stripes running through this pleated skirt which gives a stripe trend update to the pleating or go for one with more of a metallic finish which is a nod to the 80s trend coming through and would look fabulous mixed with white keeping it really fresh and light for spring summer. So not completely new as we've seen the pleating around for the last few seasons but updating it with a metallic finish or a striped look to keep it current.


In terms of a denim update the skinny jean is still around and we see a lot of distressing still on the high street and you can see I've got this pair here with distressing on it, uneven hems and unfinished hems - all very current for the season. But one thing that really is new is embroidery.

Here we can see these boyfriend style jeans from Zara with really fabulous embroidery on the leg so if you want to move away from a plain blue jean and do something different for spring summer then look for some embellishment or embroidery on denim will give your jeans an instant update.


In terms of trousers there are 2 key things going on. The first is the wide leg - either cropped or palazzo style trouser leg. Very floaty, very cool and fresh for spring summer. You can choose one in a bold statement floral or go for a block colour for that really elegant sophisticated look. Very South of France!

Another trouser update if the wide leg isn't for you is to go for the cropped slim leg trouser. Here I've picked one out in the gingham print as gingham is a key print for the season. You will see a lot of gingham on the high street. Going for it in a cropped slim fit trouser is a great instant update for your summer wardrobe. Looks fabulous teamed with a block colour - bring in fuchsia pink or yellows. These ones also have a ruffle detail on side of the leg. Great for someone with a slim leg and also a nod to the ruffle trend. So if you like the idea of a ruffle but are a bit scared of a top with OTT ruffle then go for ruffle detail on trousers, shoes or bags instead.


The dress is another key item for spring summer but it's all about the long midi, even longer long line midi dress. Very floaty, very bohemian almost and we see a lot of midi style dresses with a big all over retro print so a nod to the retro floral trend for the season. Think about shape, think about belting at the waist - it looks great with heels or flats depending on whether you want to go for a boho look or style it up for an evening out. Very wearable for all shapes, sizes and ages. Look out for the midi style dress!


We saw the bomber was huge for autumn winter but it's still here for spring summer but it's got a lot more grown up and elegant and we are seeing a lot of bomber jackets coming through with big bold prints and embellishment and embroidery on them. So if you want a jacket update for spring summer keep your bomber or invest in a bomber if you haven't already but go for more grown up, elegant, sophisticated fabrics.

There's so much going on for spring summer 2017 it really is the season to have fun with fashion. There's something for everyone, suitable for all ages and all fashion tastes whether you like to really go bold, mixing prints together, going out there with fuchsia and clashing colours or whether you like to keep it simple, classic and sophisticated with a pinstripe, white on blue, really fresh for the season. So go out there, give yourself an instant update with a statement sleeve and a pop of colour and just enjoy embracing the fashion for the season.  

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