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Top Tips For Dressing Slim

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Top Tips For Dressing Slim

1. Make sure the detail is on the slimmest part of your body. Whether it's texture, pattern, embellishment or the use of accessories.

2. Always make sure you wear fitted clothes on the largest part of your body. Our instinct is to cover up under loose, baggy clothing - but this only serves to make us look bigger.

3. Use accessories to divert attention away from your worst bits towards your best features. For example, if you're pear-shaped, avoid big hipster belts and draw attention to the top half of your body with chunky necklaces or tops with lots of detail. Slim scarves can also help draw the eye down the centre of the body, which elongates the figure to create a slimmer silhouette.

4. Whatever your body shape, always try to create a waist. Even if you carry extra weight around your tummy area, doing this will give you a more curvaceous figure and avoid you looking like a solid block. This is easily done by wearing fitted jackets, fitted tops or belts.

5. Wearing well-tailored clothes will sculpt your body into shape. I believe that the bigger you are the more tailoring you need to invest in. That doesn't mean you have to wear a suit every day; by tailoring I mean clothes that give you shape as opposed to loose, floating items that simply follow your outline.

6. Wear darker colours on the biggest part of your body. I don't mean you only have to wear black. Anything darker works - for example, grey, brown, navy blue, emerald green. The darker the colour, the more light it absorbs and the slimmer you will appear.

7. Necklines can also make a huge difference. V-necks are fantastic for large breasts as they break up the chest area and help draw the eye down the centre of the body. Avoid high necklines if you're big busted. Pear- and rhubarb- shaped figures can wear most necklines.

8. Thicker, stretchy fabrics are more slimming than soft silky or satin fabrics, as they tend to mould your body into shape, rather than following any bulges.

9. Remember having curves doesn't equal fat. A curvaceous figure is feminine and sexy and what we should all be striving for. So stop wearing shapeless clothes that make you look square and boxy and start flaunting your curves! You will feel slimmer in an instant.

10. Wearing the same colour or tone of colour top and bottom will make you appear taller and slimmer.

11. A bold pattern can be slimming if evenly distributed over an outfit as it confuses the eye. Bold patterns are usually more slimming on a dress than on separates like a top or trousers.

12. Sew up pockets on jackets and trousers to prevent bulging, which simply adds weight and draws attention to where you need it least.

13. Layering a fitted top underneath a floaty kaftan or cardigan will give you a slimmer proportion. Layering is a fantastic tool for hiding imperfections without opting for big and baggy.

14. Don't forget your heels. A few inches can do wonders for your shape, making you look taller and slimmer. Don't go anywhere without them - they will make you feel sexy and enable you to strut with confidence.

15. Oh, and where possible, opt for pointy shoes, as this will help elongate your legs, slimming down proportions.

Nicky and the NHJ Consultancy Team x




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I found out that the clothes I was always buying did not create a good image for my shape or age. If only I had invested in a personal stylist years ago!

It really was time to get my wardrobe into shape. My personal stylist knew what worked on me and what didn't. The advice was invaluable and now I have an outfit for every occasion!

The whole experience has changed my perspective about me and my life and my clothes. I feel so much more confident and I can't thank you enough.

She knew exactly what would suit me. I tried on outfits I would never have thought of. It was fantastic to go shopping with a true expert.

Every time I go out I feel brilliant and it's so easy to dress now. I have had so many compliments which has really boosted my self-esteem.

I now know what to wear and when which is so helpful having just had a baby. My body shape has changed but I now know I can still look good. My husband is very happy too!

She's done things to my eyes that remind me of pictures taken 25 years ago!!! I would recommend the make-up masterclass to anyone. The advice is truly fantastic.

Every experience was over and above my expectations and something I will cherish for a very long time. I can't thank the whole team enough - my personal stylist, my make-up artist and my hair stylist were fantastic, and the organisation of the services were flawless.

It's the little changes that make all the difference, and you've raised her self-appreciation and confidence, great work. It's the best Christmas present I have ever bought my wife.

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