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Jeans are a key staple in your wardrobe

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Jeans are a key staple in your wardrobe

Jeans have become a key staple in every woman's wardrobe and so what should we be buying this season?

As far as trends, anything goes in denim jeans world, the variety of shapes, styles, and washes is bigger than ever and every brand has a comprehensive offering of jeans in their collections.

Rises in jeans - as in the height from the crotch to waist - have become far more tummy friendly, with Armani having one of the highest rises to ensure those tums are held in with confidence.

Leg lengths are varied to ensure you can get the perfect hem with flats and heels from 28" - 34".

For those ladies over 5ft 8 who may have a challenge of finding jeans long enough, may need to opt for designer jeans which tend to be more generous in the leg, or go for specialist jeans at Long Tall Sally, Top Shop tall or Dorothy Perkins tall. Or tip of the day - for those of you up to 6ft - Zara have a great long length jean!

And so onto the style of the jean and the dilemma of what will suit you....we believe that if you are a big jeans wearer you should get variety into your shapes and colours of jeans and so rather than thinking that some jeans shapes may not suit you, you need to think that most of them can and it is what you wear them with that is crucial.


Most women feel that the skinny jean can only be worn by a rhubarb or perhaps apple shape woman, as those with shapely thighs and bottoms steer away from them fearful of accentuating their womanly curves!

You can all wear the skinny jean, but be aware of a few rules to achieve the right result -

  • Always go for a dark rinse jean and ensure that there is no fading on the thigh as this will create the illusion of a bigger thigh.
  • Balance up your body by wearing a chunky knee length boot and a long top, cardigan or Jacket.


The flare is actually the most flattering of shapes as it gives the illusion of longer leaner legs, which are most women's aspirations after all! Some brands do the flare better than others and this will depend on your body shape.

Higher rise jeans for the curvy girl - try Karen Millen, Hobbs, James Jeans, Mint Velvet.

Mid rise - try FCUK, 7 for all mankind, J Brand, Lo fly, Reiss, Zara.

Low rise - try Top Shop Edita, Diesel, Ted Baker.

So again the rules for the curvy girls - back away from any fading over the thigh and go for a dark rinse jean to ensure maximum enhancement of those curvy legs.

And for the skinny girls - go for a faded jean to ensure a more sexy leg look!


A boyfriend cut jean is not the most flattering of cuts as they can make your legs look chunky and unfeminine. They are a look rather than a flattering piece, which the younger market can carry off as they can pull off the trends easily. They also work with the rhubarb shaped girls.

Rules are made to be broken and it's how you wear things as well as what body shape you have. We like to set clients free of all the dated rules which have been imposed by society over the past few decades and say that if you want to wear a certain style, say a skinny, we will show you how to so that it is flattering.

Instead of thinking about the rules of your body shape, think about balancing it up to ensure that you are achieving an hour glass silhouette and then you can make so many garments work for you.

Find the perfect jean for you along with a flattering summer wardrobe by booking a personal shopping day with one of our top personal stylists. Call 0845 430 9388 or email us to find out more.


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I found out that the clothes I was always buying did not create a good image for my shape or age. If only I had invested in a personal stylist years ago!

It really was time to get my wardrobe into shape. My personal stylist knew what worked on me and what didn't. The advice was invaluable and now I have an outfit for every occasion!

The whole experience has changed my perspective about me and my life and my clothes. I feel so much more confident and I can't thank you enough.

She knew exactly what would suit me. I tried on outfits I would never have thought of. It was fantastic to go shopping with a true expert.

Every time I go out I feel brilliant and it's so easy to dress now. I have had so many compliments which has really boosted my self-esteem.

I now know what to wear and when which is so helpful having just had a baby. My body shape has changed but I now know I can still look good. My husband is very happy too!

She's done things to my eyes that remind me of pictures taken 25 years ago!!! I would recommend the make-up masterclass to anyone. The advice is truly fantastic.

Every experience was over and above my expectations and something I will cherish for a very long time. I can't thank the whole team enough - my personal stylist, my make-up artist and my hair stylist were fantastic, and the organisation of the services were flawless.

It's the little changes that make all the difference, and you've raised her self-appreciation and confidence, great work. It's the best Christmas present I have ever bought my wife.

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