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Our Personal Stylist Online Service gives you access to our team of top London personal stylists without having to leave the house! We offer essential online personal styling advice from wherever you are - all around the globe! Our personal stylists know what works and why, and where to find it!

Why Personal Styling Online?

Perhaps you're on a budget, yep we know, or you're looking for an alternative to our personal styling days?

Do you like to have reassurance on your outfits from a partner or friend but would love a professional fashion opinion?

Or maybe you don't need a whole new wardrobe, just a quick fix?

Then our personal stylist online service is perfect for you! 

Whatever your needs, our online personal stylist will personally pay you a virtual visit and tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear. Think of us as an NBF (new best friend), whose opinion you can trust! Your one-to-one personal stylist online consultation can be focused on one of the following areas, or tailored to suit your needs.

Party Perfection

Why waste time worrying what to wear to a special occasion when our online personal stylist can do it for you! It could be a first date, a wedding, meeting the in-laws, a work Christmas party, corporate event or a job interview - whatever the occasion our personal stylist online service will save you the hassle by working with you virtually to put together appropriate outfits from your wardrobe, review any existing looks you've pulled together as well as advise on where to buy any items to accessorise your outfit from head to toe! She can also give you style advice on where to buy the perfect WOW outfit to suit your body shape.

Packing Panic

Whether it's packing for a long holiday, a weekend away, business trip or corporate country retreat what you wear will have a direct effect on how you feel. Take the stress out of packing with an online personal styling consultation at home with your own online personal stylist who will guide you through what to pack to make sure you have the perfect outfit each day and every night!

Shape Shift

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy: When you're pregnant there's no getting away from the fact that your body shape changes and when you are a brand new mum it may take sometime to feel like yourself again. This can lead to a lack of confidence and self-esteem - resulting in a style rut! Our online personal stylist will give you the style advice you need to create outfits that work for you now so you can feel fabulous again. And at a time that suits you!

Weight fluctuation: Weight gain or loss can happen to the best of us over the years. If you need a quick style fix now to give you a boost, our online personal stylists will show you how to re-vamp your wardrobe today without having to spend a penny!


"I've decide to treat myself to another session. Everything you have ever picked out for me is still getting compliments - you really have some kind of magic touch." Fiona, Chicago 

"I've attached a photo of me in the outfit you helped me choose. I felt wonderful in it and had some lovely comments from both men and women. It was a great evening and it was so nice to come away from the event feeling I got it right, for the first time. Thanks you sooooo much for your help. It made an enormous difference to my confidence on the night and I think I did a better job of being the bosses wife and mingling with the staff, which I actually found easier than I normally do. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012 and rest assured I will be in touch when I need your help again!" Jane, Sydney

"I wanted to say thanks for the Skype session. You gave me some really valuable advice and I'm thrilled that my outfit is all sorted and I only have to get ready on the evening without worrying whether I have the right thing, or if everything works together." Fiona, Singapore 

"Thanks so much for my online styling session Kate! Loads of new ideas to try. Time to go shopping!" Linda

"Thank you very much for all your advice. I have purchased nearly all of your suggestions. I feel so much better in my clothes, not as frumpy and more attractive." Caroline

How to Book and How it Works

To book a one hour online personal stylist online session click on the 'Buy Now' button. It's only £95!

If you would like more than one hour with your personal stylist online, simply add the service to your basket more than once in the online shop. Alternatively call 020 3109 0388 to pay over the phone.

Once you have paid for your session personal stylist will contact you to set a time and date for your personal stylist online consultation.

All you need is access to a computer, internet access, a webcam and a Skype Account which is free and easy to set up. To find out how to set up Skype click here 

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Client Testimonials

I found out that the clothes I was always buying did not create a good image for my shape or age. If only I had invested in a personal stylist years ago!

It really was time to get my wardrobe into shape. My personal stylist knew what worked on me and what didn't. The advice was invaluable and now I have an outfit for every occasion!

The whole experience has changed my perspective about me and my life and my clothes. I feel so much more confident and I can't thank you enough.

She knew exactly what would suit me. I tried on outfits I would never have thought of. It was fantastic to go shopping with a true expert.

Every time I go out I feel brilliant and it's so easy to dress now. I have had so many compliments which has really boosted my self-esteem.

I now know what to wear and when which is so helpful having just had a baby. My body shape has changed but I now know I can still look good. My husband is very happy too!

She's done things to my eyes that remind me of pictures taken 25 years ago!!! I would recommend the make-up masterclass to anyone. The advice is truly fantastic.

Every experience was over and above my expectations and something I will cherish for a very long time. I can't thank the whole team enough - my personal stylist, my make-up artist and my hair stylist were fantastic, and the organisation of the services were flawless.

It's the little changes that make all the difference, and you've raised her self-appreciation and confidence, great work. It's the best Christmas present I have ever bought my wife.

020 3109 0388


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