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Autumn Winter 16 Trends: Canary Yellow

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Autumn Winter 16 Trends: Canary Yellow

One of the key colourways for AW16 is yellow. Celebrity Stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones talks you through some key yellow item ideas to inject into your wardrobe......


One of the key colourways coming through for Autumn/Winter 2016 is yellow. Moving on from the neon yellows and the pops of neon we saw for Spring/Summer to more of a canary yellow with a bit of mustard and ochre thrown in. It's warm, it's a great way to lift up a complexion and really spruce up a dark Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

Mustard Knit

Starting off with this mustard knit from Warehouse. This is a great piece to incorporate into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Very easy, with lovely, slight detailing on the sleeve, texturised throughout the print, and great with a pair of jeans - any colour jean or even tucked into a skirt. For those who don't like wearing the polo neck, another key item for this season, a high neck is a great way, another alternative option for you. So an easy way to incorporate a bit of mustard yellow into your wardrobe this season.

Ochre Blouse

This blouse brings in a bit more of the ochre tones of yellow and we see some of the pleating coming through from Spring/Summer. A bit of the quilting effect again, texturising that's also hot for this season, but really strong on that warmer ochre tone of yellow. So good for the dark complexions, great again with a pair of trousers or tucked into a skirt. It's very flattering and with the plunging ‘V', will suit most body shapes.

Canary Yellow Coat

Your coat is the big investment we make every season. Why not go really bright and bold this Autumn/Winter with this amazing Canary yellow coat. I love it. It's going to spruce up any Autumn/Winter wardrobe and great layered with more darker neutrals like black and navy, and greys look fantastic with this - it's a real show stopper. You're not going to walk into a room unnoticed in something like this. And because it's got the single lapel and the single button, it's very flattering for most body shapes and the long line makes it easy along all age groups. It's a great piece to introduce for the brave enough this Autumn/Winter.

Print Dress

Some people find wearing a block colour quite intimidating so for those of you who want to nod to the trend but don't want to completely embrace a colour trend, I've chosen this animal print dress that has a nod to the Ochre and the mustard tones of this season mixed in with an animal print with the bright pops of pink. It's floaty, feminine, and very wearable for all body shapes and all ages and it's a great way to take on a trend.

Canary Yellow Pencil Skirt

For those of you feel that yellow as a colour doesn't suit your complexion, choose it in a skirt or a trouser option because then you don't have to worry about it being close-up to your face. Here I've got a fabulous canary yellow pencil skirt. And we're seeing a lot of pencil skirts coming through onto the high-street this season. Going for it in a bold, block colour just injects colour into a different part of your body and it's easy to blend it in with this season's classic knits, polo necks, navy blues, tailored jackets.

It's a great way to inject some colour in an easy way. So if you're not sure about a block colour, opt for it in a skirt or a trouser options this season and this will certainly get your wardrobe rocking for Autumn/Winter 2016. For style advice on colours and shapes that work for you check out our range of personal styling sessions.



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