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Autumn Winter 16 Trends: Accessories

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Autumn Winter 16 Trends: Accessories

Lots going on with accessories for AW16. Celebrity Stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones shows you a range including the new sexy butterfly shaped sunglasses and the over the knee boot!...


There's a lot going on in the world of accessories for Autumn/Winter 2016 as we rarely see the trends on the catwalk following through all the way from clothing down to accessories.


Starting off with eye wear. Spring/Summer was all about the cat eye, and the aviator was very much on trend. But Autumn/Winter is not just about wearing sunglasses which keep the sun out of your eyes, it's really about making a fashion statement. Key changes to look out for are: the new butterfly shape. This is a really exciting glamorous shape in eye wear for Autumn/Winter 2016 and you can see with these aviators here where they've got the butterfly shape following on across the bridge and the top of the sunglasses frames.

Or for those of you who want something a bit more classic but still on-trend, there's tortoise shell frames where you've got almost the cat eye on top and the bottom really giving you that exaggerated, sexy butterfly shape for this season but is more wearable for those aren't too trend-conscious.


In the headline trends, it has all been about velvet, brocade and animal with a lot of luxury going on and we see that coming through in the shoe front as well like these fabulous velvet, almost brocade-print ankle boots.

Not everyone's into velvet, floral prints or brocade in their clothes so why not invest in a shoe with a pair of skinny jeans or even this season's very much wide-leg trouser. Could be a really fun injection of colour and print. Bit of pizazz for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

And with animal print being so hot for this season we're seeing a lot of animal print coming through on the boot as well or shoes or stilettos, again an easy way to incorporate a trend.

The other key element to note for this season, is over the knee, thigh-high boot. We have seen this in previous seasons but it's really coming to its fore this season. Everyone who's anyone really needs to embrace over the knee or thigh-high boot and if you aren't someone with long, skinny legs you can also layer this under the midi-skirt. Not everyone needs to see the top of the boot to be fashionable but it just helps really helps elongate a profile and really modernise and freshen-up your look for Autumn/Winter 2016.


Scarves are always big for Autumn/Winter. And we see the trends follow through into scarves in terms of the print. You've got floral, animal print and check. But the key shape update for scarves this season is the neckerchief. We're going back to the really small size pocket scarf that's worn around the neck and tied in a bow. This will really bring your outfits bang up to date for this season.


We've been on the skinny belt for many years but now we're moving back to the waist cinching wide belt which is fabulous for that pear shape and hourglass figure.

Here I've got what we call an Obi belt that has a wide and a skinny element that you really wrap around the shape. What I like about this one is you've got an animal print on the one side but you've also got the shimmer and shine another key trend on the other side so very versatile and wearable and great for really bringing in that waistline back into the fore and making a real statement of your waist and shape for Autumn/Winter 2016.


We see trends coming through on bags too such as animal print. But in terms of shape, the bucket bag is definitely making a big statement this season. It's gone down in size from Spring/Summer where we saw the oversized bucket so much smaller, more compact and petite and then the half-moon shape is also another key bag shape for this season.Not everyone updates their bag every season but actually the styles that are on-trend for Autumn/Winter 2016 are very practical and quite classic too so there's something that you can easily embrace in your Autumn/Winter wardrobe if you want to freshen things up a little bit.


Spring/Summer was all about long and lean and layered and Autumn/Winter‘s about glamour so we're back to the big, bold statement jewel necklaces. Get these back out and start wearing them again this season.

One of the new movements to look out for is the choker is making a big comeback. We haven't seen chokers for many years now so if you are someone with a long neck and you like to show off your long, lean neck and your torso then embracing the choker again is a great update.

So there are lots of exciting things to look out for when you go on your shopping trips. Lots of colour, lots of print, lots of texture. Something for each of you to incorporate into your wardrobes for a bit of an Autumn/Winter update this season. Need help finding complete WOW outfits that flatter you? Book a personal styling session with our team.


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